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Toddler Wrangling Training Kit

toddlerwrangingSo you now have a Toddler, that once tiny baby who only slept, ate and pooed now talks, runs and dismantles. You knew it was coming but you had no clue the importance the skill of Toddler Wrangling would become.

I wish I had a kit to train me in the art of Toddler Wrangling but the problem is that you only realise you need it when it is too late.

Below is a list of items that are essential in training you in the Art of Toddler Wrangling.

Mini Pack of Lego

Like fire walking training for parents. Even if you never buy your kids Lego somehow a rogue Lego Agent will infiltrate your home and lay in wait for the opportunity to strike. This will be when your barefoot and seeking past your sleeping child.

Electronic Toy Noise on Repeat

This is to help you deal with the constant playing of the once cute talking book which will be used by your toddler as a weapon. The same button will be pressed and your toddler will not break eye contact till you break, so be prepared.

A Kettlebell

Use this to run up and down the stairs with it to prepare you for the joy of potty training. Simple run up and down the stairs 100 times a day and your set for the easiest part of the potty training saga.

A Goat

I know your thinking why a goat? Well, you’ll need this to eat half your meals and to turn your house over on a daily, as your toddler will do this for the next 15 years minimum. This has the added extra of smelling like a teenager to help prepare you for later on, so a two for one really.

Pack of Raisins

This like the Lego has a way of finding a path into your car whether you buy any or not. Take the raisins and spread them liberally around the back seat of your car. Also make sure you get them right down the back of the seat to ensure the next owner of the car has the joy of finding one in 15 years time. It’s like being an Archaeologist but with no pay or knowledge of history.

Unfortunately this kit is not available on Amazon or Ebay. This due to the fact that this is the ramblings of a stay at home dad with minimum sleep, heavy toddler workout sessions and the fact that I have been used as a climbing frame for the last hour.

Let me know in the comments if you have other items to add to the kit.



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4 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow

PlantforkidsAs it was National Gardening Week last week I’d thought I’d do a quick list of the 4 easy plants me and the boy planted out in my last post.


Cress is not only the easiest plant to grow but can be done indoor, so no excuses that the weather is not right. It will grow as long as it is kept moist. We got an old baking tray and put in a couple of pieces of kitchen roll in the bottom. We then wet the kitchen roll and sprinkled the seeds evenly across the tray. Take the tray and put it near a window. Within a couple of days you will see the seeds sprouting. When the Cress is about 5cm cut and enjoy.


Mint is great for kids to plant out as it’s just as easy as the Cress. Simple sprinkle the seeds on top of some soil and then water, now that’s easy. Do this in a pot as it can spread very quickly. It’s fantastic to get the kids to pick to some to add to your new potatoes, or a Mojito if the day has been testing.


Tomatoes look great in the garden and I think are the poster child of gardening. Plant the seeds in soil and put in a greenhouse or cover with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in to get them started. Water regularly and keep in a sunny spot to have some fantastic homegrown tomatoes all summer.

Peas/ Beans

Beans and Peas need a warm, sunny spot in well-drained soil. Give them something to climb up and you’ll have a wall of flowers just before they turn into beans. Try reading “Jack in the Beanstalk” to the kids before planting out and you’ll have the most well tended plants in the street.

In case this has made you want to get into the garden with the kids here’s a few links to get you started.

Royal Horticultural Society


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Planting vegetables with a Toddler

PlantingVegI’ve been meaning to get in the garden and plant out the vegetables for over a month but have not had the chance or the motivation. There was a break in the weather and couldn’t think of any more excuses to put off doing it and to get me and the toddler out in the Sun. Also i found out it was National Gardening Week and the list of things to do inspired me.

Last year was one of those hallmark moments, with the boy then 2 years old it was a lovely sunny day and planting was a joy. What a differences a year makes.

Within 3 seconds of being outside he had managed to cover his top in compost, I’m still not completely sure how ether as the compost I bought was still sealed.


As he was now so dirty I thought I’d set him to work, I handed him a trowel and pointed him in the direction off a planter. He weeded and turned over the whole thing in minutes and I hate to say it but he did a better job than I would have done. This may be his superpower, not that it has many other applications in a crime fighting capacity but if your garden needs turning over and weeding he’s your man.

I thought that job was going to buy me time to plant the vegetable seeds so I had to change tactics. I invented some garden games to get the job done and get the boy to do most for the work.

Mud shot-putting

First was “Mud shot-putting”, I put a plastic sheet out with all the pots I needed filling and we through mud until all the pots are full. I must admit I’m not sure who had more fun with this.

Poke and Plant

“Poke and Plant” was a little boring but we both struggled though. We both would poke a hole in the soil and drop in a seed. To make it fun we raced to see who could finish first, I’d like to say I let him win but no he lost badly and with that another life lesson was done.

Make it rain

“Make it rain” was great fun, with watering cans in hand we soaked everything. When i say everything I mean the whole garden was soaked, even the dog was in the firing line till he made a tactical retreat to the Kitchen.

This was certainly a more difficult than last year but was a lot more fun. I’m got to make more of an effort to be in the garden more this year. I love seeing my boy picking Vegetables we have grown together and sitting down to eat them even more.



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