Month: June 2018

Stop Chasing The Cat

cat“Stop Chasing The Cat” is something I’ve been saying more and more lately. The Boy has never been bothered by the cat till recently and now there seems to be a rivalry forming.

Our Cat is named “Jeff” because ….. well …… he just is. I know when the Boy is about to start a Cat Recon mission as he will announce “where’s Fluffy gone” in a rather scary voice. Imagine Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” and your half way there.

The Stalking

Then the stalking begins which in itself is hilarious. A 3 yo concentrating on tiptoeing is fantastic, so much effort put into the tiptoeing that the navigation is a second thought. This leads to walking into walls or into wrong rooms. Now i know i could intervene and help my first born child but where’s the fun in that, i see it as a little revenge for the Peppa Pig Marathon i was subjected to 6 months ago.

The Chase

When he finds Jeff the chase is on. The Boy goes from a 3yo that has been walking less time than i have owned most of my t-shirts to a veteran free runner. I may have to send him to Gymnastics Classes soon to get him ready for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. I have to admit that I have on occasion added extra obstacle in his way to see it slows him down but it has little or no effect on his hunt.

I’m not sure whether it is totally all the Boys fault, Jeff is sometimes the instigator of the chase. He will sit on the Boys bed and make sure he knows it. He’ll also wait at the top of the stairs and scratch the carpet to get the Boys attention.

Let me know if your little ones have taken up this sport in the comments below.

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