4 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow

PlantforkidsAs it was National Gardening Week last week I’d thought I’d do a quick list of the 4 easy plants me and the boy planted out in my last post.


Cress is not only the easiest plant to grow but can be done indoor, so no excuses that the weather is not right. It will grow as long as it is kept moist. We got an old baking tray and put in a couple of pieces of kitchen roll in the bottom. We then wet the kitchen roll and sprinkled the seeds evenly across the tray. Take the tray and put it near a window. Within a couple of days you will see the seeds sprouting. When the Cress is about 5cm cut and enjoy.


Mint is great for kids to plant out as it’s just as easy as the Cress. Simple sprinkle the seeds on top of some soil and then water, now that’s easy. Do this in a pot as it can spread very quickly. It’s fantastic to get the kids to pick to some to add to your new potatoes, or a Mojito if the day has been testing.


Tomatoes look great in the garden and I think are the poster child of gardening. Plant the seeds in soil and put in a greenhouse or cover with a plastic bag to keep the moisture in to get them started. Water regularly and keep in a sunny spot to have some fantastic homegrown tomatoes all summer.

Peas/ Beans

Beans and Peas need a warm, sunny spot in well-drained soil. Give them something to climb up and you’ll have a wall of flowers just before they turn into beans. Try reading “Jack in the Beanstalk” to the kids before planting out and you’ll have the most well tended plants in the street.

In case this has made you want to get into the garden with the kids here’s a few links to get you started.

Royal Horticultural Society


My Random Musings


Claire Kirby

I am so hopeless at growing anything. I might just let the kids do these as I am sure they will be better than me! Thanks for the tips. #dreamteam

Noleen Miller

My kids love helping in the garden. We started our own herb garden last year and they planted their own herbs. Recently one of the grocery stores started a new campaign where if you purchase for a certain amount, you will get seeds with your purchase. So they have collected different seeds of veggies and more herbs and can’t wait to start planting again #dreamteam

Heather Keet

Hello, thanks for joining us this week on the #DreamTeam. I just wanted to remind you to post our badge on your post in future link ups. I do love your list of veggies to grow with kids, my neighbor’s small children have some seriously impressive tomato plants.

Our Tomato plants last year were so big they took over the whole greenhouse.

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