Car Journey with a Toddler

Car KitTravelling with a Toddler whether it is a short run to the local shop or a long journey to see family can be a roller-coaster ride. Whether you want to admit it or not you have little to no control of how the journey will go.

The Pre-journey checks

This is where pre-children your routine would have been something like “have I got keys, wallet and phone.” Nice and easy.
Now with children it has become so much more complexed. It now resembles preparing for an expedition. First off is the ever important check of is the boy still wearing the clothes he has been placed in 3 seconds ago, the answer is usual no. I have a record of having to put on his shoes and socks on 5 times in 10 mins. His t-shirt will inevitably become ” a bit scratchy” meaning he’s remembered that his top has a tag in it and this will now become the end of the world to him.
Next is the ever expanding list of items to take that have become the ” just in case items”. Having to take spare clothes, pants, wipes, toys, snacks, drinks, kitchen sink etc. It like having a bug out bag but without anything that’s useful in an emergency situation for an adult.

The Loading

The loading or car wrestling as it should be known has the power to turn your day from joyous to hellish in mere seconds.
If my little octopus decides to be cooperative with all arms and legs going into the seat I know the day will be a good one. But if he decides that today is going far to well he will release his octopus powers and grab onto everything he can reach to stop touching that seat.
Even if you finally get them into the seat they use the favourite toddler move I know every parent has seen. I believe this move is in some kind of secret manual that all babies get after being born. It is the dreaded “Plank”, back straight and no chance of bending. Usually the “Plank” is deployed when it is raining to increase the effectiveness.

The Journey

Great now we have all our supplies and human resources in the vehicle, ready …… wait for it ……. yep the boy now needs a wee despite he has just been. Now you get to repeat the loading process.
After all this your on the road, then list of demands start. Constant flow of toys and snacks are past back and forth, some even make it to his mouth. If your lucky sleep will follow, if not then you will probably give in and pass them a phone or tablet to watch.
When you get to you destination and as you lift out your child, you will be given a hug as payment which will wash away the stress, ready for next time.
Still I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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This Scribbler Mum

Yes, sounds about right! If your child gets travel sickness too, it gets even more complicated. #bloggerclubuk

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