Keeping your sanity as a stay at home dad.

Deciding to become at stay-at-home Dad was not a decision I took lightly. After long discussions with my better half and going over the finances, we made the choice for me to stay at home and look after our son.

What could be easier than looking after your own child? You do it already, right?



Let me tell you. It’s not all kisses and cuddles. It can be so much more testing and until you experience it first-hand, don’t judge. Because if you do and the parent you are judging makes eye contact, you will become the target of the last 4 hours of built up rage made by a 2 1/2 year old screaming at them, because the socks he has been wearing all day are now the wrong ones and this epiphany came to him at the checkout in Lidl.

Or the joyous moment when they start using the word “NO”, as if it is the answer to every conceivable question. When the question is “would you like the orange or the blue cup”, the answer of “NO!” does not quite cut it.

Even with these outbursts on a regular basis, the ability for the little noise maker to say something adorable and totally wipe the rage and stress away with a well timed fart or a laugh, makes it all worth while.

You can never get this time back with your children and I’d rather have these experiences with him now, then regret missing out on it later in life.

So in light of this balancing act that a stay-at-home dad has to perform on a daily basis; I’ve created this blog to share my experiences and limited knowledge with you, in the hope that it will help you by knowing the day to day madness and feelings your experiencing are not targeting you alone.

The kids are out to get us all!

The 3 important things to remember to keep your sanity are:

  • It will wash out and it can be tidyed up. If not, get a bigger rug and cover it up .
  • Embrace the noise – it may never stop, but if it does, enjoy the silence. It will be brief. So you might as well embrace the noise and even join in.
  • If they are happy, you’re doing it right. And if they’re not, then you’re proberly still doing it right.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever post and if you did, pop back from time to time to get another fix.

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