Stop the Swearing ?

StoptheSwearingMy boy is 3yo and is like a sponge when it comes to new words especially when swearing. I’d like to say I never swear in front of him but that would be a lie.

For my whole adult life I’ve had the freedom to use swear words whenever i see fit, now I’ve got a little persons standing next to me, watching and learning how to interact with others in the world, I feel I owe him to be more mindful of it.

At the moment he has only heard the odd “F*#k” when I’ve stubbed a toe or when a car pulls out in front of me just a little bit closer than I’d like. In these situations i can get better at catching the word before it leaves my mouth or replacing it with another classic dad replacement word like “Fudge” but that leads me on to my next issue.


If I’m replacing the swear word I’m still swearing just incorrectly. I’m still venting anger with words but now I’m using the wrong ones.

At some point in his life he is going to learn these words as we all have and if he gets into an argument at school and uses “Fudge off” as a comeback, I’m sure and appropriate nickname will be assigned.

I think the only option is to not worry to much about it and just make sure when he does pick them up that he not only uses them correctly and at the appropriate times.

But if you find yourself on the wrong end of a Lego brick below is some of our house favourites :

  • Fudge
  • Balls
  • Fluff it

Let me know how you deal with this issue in the comments or if you have any favourite replacement words.



I swear like a pirate… and this is one of the hardest thing I am learning to avoid now. A lot of time I start off with Fuu.. and then change it mid word to funny sounds like… Fuaaaatotota.

I know what you mean, the words I make up to cover the swearing are sometimes better that the actual swear word.

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