The beast from the east.

Beast for the eastThe beast from the east, or as it will be remembered in a few years, that snow we had one year. Now that it has passed, was it the apocalyptic event it was hyped up to be? Or was it a bit of snow that the UK was unprepared for as usual.

The rant begins….

I remember when I was a kid (i know that makes me sound older than i am), every street corner had a salt grit container and when the snow came, everyone in the street went out with a shovel and spread it on the road. With the major roads being gritted and the good old community spirit taking care of the side roads, you could get around just fine.

Personally, I enjoyed the snow immensely. This was the first time my 3yo son ever saw snow and seeing his face light up at the sight of this white stuff falling from the sky, is something that will stay with me forever. As he hits his teens, I will probably need to remind myself of these memories, in order to endure the inevitable years of ridiculous arguments that come with a teenager.

Playing in the snow has the instant ability to make me smile; even when the boy is throwing a tantrum, because I will not allow him to pick up the “treasure” he found under the snow, left behind by a dog. I was always warned about yellow snow, but not the dog poo treasure that hides underneath the snow. Needless to say I definitely don’t need that kind of treasure in the house.

The thing that surprised me the most while we were out playing in the snow with the neighbours and their kids, was the lack of other children in the streets. Most where just watching from their windows. I guess this is a sign that I’m getting old, as I remember being told to play outside and always begrudgingly went out to play, but once out always enjoyed it. No doubt I’ll be saying the same to my boy in years to come.

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