The stay-at-home dad workout and diet battle.

The Struggle is real

The Struggle is real

If you want rock hard pecs and abs like a washboard, then you need to move along now. This post is not going to help you. Because putting on weight when staying at home with a toddler is a battle of wills, as the exercise comes with the territory.

Get Control

The diet is the hardest thing to control as the ” one for you, one for me” idea, while great to teach how to share, it is not so great for the waistline as this gives you the perfect excuse for extra biscuit consumption.
Also, cooking a meal and giving your toddler a smaller portion inevitably means you end up with a extra large plate full. But to be honest, the art of cooking the correct amount of spaghetti is some kind of voodoo power, only blessed to TV chefs and Italians.
Luckily I have an advantage here, my boy eats anything that I put in front of him, with his favorite being raw vegetables and hummus (which works out nice for me as I love it to).

Get Moving

I already do my workout everyday without even knowing it. Yesterday was toddler Olympics for me, which included:
  • Baby wipe fishing – the art of fishing out baby wipes from the toilet, that the boy decided needed to be released from their imperial oppressors and cast into the river of freedom.
  • Toilet dash (with hurdles) – carrying a 3 stone toddler up the stairs as fast as you can while jumping over various toys left on the floor, including the dreaded “Lego of pain”, which if you have not had the pleasure of experiencing, is like a trap created by Satan himself.
  • Toddler weight lifting – playing with a toddler will always include lifting them up and down with no consideration for correct ‘lifting form’, as there is no correct way when your making your toddler fly like superman. This was never a struggle when the boy was a 2, but at 3 years old, this is now classed as a full kettlebell workout.

Don’t over eat

I’ve lost nearly 2 stone (12.7kg) in weight in a matter of weeks, by making a few simple changes to my diet:-
  1. Eat 3 times a day but nothing after 16:00. I was eating Porridge for breakfast and then a chicken or tuna salad wrap with some raw veg and hummus for the otherĀ  meals.
  2. Drink lots of water, you’d be surprised what a difference this can make to your food intake.
  3. No alcohol, well maybe a little as a treat.
  4. Portion control. Surprisingly, if you put in more calories than you use, you put on weight. So don’t eat 500g of Minced beef in one sitting just because you can.
Just remember to stop worrying about the weight. Small changes will have an effect, but it will take longer to see the results.

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