The Toys are Multiplying

ToysI’ve come to the conclusion that my son’s Toys are Multiplying, it’s the only explanation. I know i have bought him some but there is so many. A lot of these have been gifts from family and friends, but when we are playing he will appear with a toy i have no idea where it has come from. I mean i should know what toys my 3yo son has.






So i have some theories listed below:

He has a Job

My first theory is that my 3yo has a part-time job that he has failed to tell me about. This is understandable as if he has an income i would charge him rent. It would have to be cash in hand work and he would have to spend that money on toys on the way home as i can’t find any cash stashed in his room.

He is a Master Thief

The second theory is that he is a Master Thief. This may seem far fetched (unlike the first theory) but he has got quite good at climbing recently and his ability to hide evidence of the chocolate bar he was not meant to have are amazing. After searching his room have not yet found a black and white stripy top or a bag with “Swag” written on it.

The Toys are Multiplying

The most likely conclusion is that my son has nothing to do with the amount of toys in the house and that another force is at work. The Toys must be multiplying on there own, it is the only logical explanation, i mean how else can you have a 12inch Spider-Man and a 3inch Spider-Man in the same house unless some magic has occurred.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions why there are so many toys in the house before i have to build an extension or move to accommodate them all.




Yeah, our house is in constant flux to try to keep things under control. My wife is forever selling/donating old toys to clear space, only for them to be replaced by new ones as fast as the old ones are got rid of. December/January is the worst – in a 6-week period we have both Christmas and both boys’ birthdays. November is all about clearing out space for the impending arrivals … #BloggerClubUK

We go through the clearing out stage every month or so but have to time it just right so the boy doesn’t witness it, else every toy we touch is suddenly his favourite.

Kim – The Blog Genie

In the very near future I’m going to have to be ruthless in sorting (getting rid of) toys. My daughter has pretty much ALL the soft toys ever made. I swear we have a pride of lions, several Minnie and Mickey Mice? of all sizes and costumes and it’s getting out of control! #BloggerClubUK

Soft toys are the worst, they take up so much room and you feel guilty for removing them, especially when you get the Cow eyes off the kids during the process.

This is our house full of toys that my six year twins never play with Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

jeremy – thirstydaddy

we seem to be experiencing the same phenomenon. Whenever I think that there are a few things that can be um, recycled, that is inevitably what she pulls out that afternoon #thatfridaylinky

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